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Meet Our Team 


Our team is responsive to patient needs and works with patients and their families to develop and implement comprehensive treatment plans. Expertise, collaboration and innovation are essential in providing the best possible care for today while advancing novel treatments for tomorrow.

“A team is a group of two or more people who interdependently seek to meet a common purpose, often through problem solving, in order to meet their own and their organization’s goals. At a minimum, a team should be a cooperative unit and, at its best, a team is a collaborative unit.”

Dr. Sam Zand DO

Psychiatrist. Medical Director

Dr. Michael Popov DO


Dr. Maria Gabriela Gregory MD


Dr. Humberto Rodriguez MD

Emergency and General Medicine

Mr. Mario Valdes APRN

Family Nurse Practitioner

Ms. Jacinta Cruz APRN

Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Gordana Brabson PhD

LMFT. Clinical Director.

Behavioral Health Clinic

Ms. Eniko Mimless


Dr. Sandra Owens PhD


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